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Low Voltage Directive (safety)

METECC's associates are experienced in assessing
products for electrical safety compliance
to the Low Voltage Directive.

Have you applied the LVD Standard for your product?

Have you any idea what EN60950 is all about?

What about EN61010 or EN60215?

What does RED have to say about LVD?

What is your legal requirement under the Medical Directive?

What about Functional Safety?

Do other regulations apply?

  Are you fed up paying thousands of pounds to companies who treat LVD as a mystery that only they understand? Then try our training scheme and mentoring package.

Imagine having your own trained engineers who can advise you on all aspects of LVD right from the initial design stage of your product.

Surely a few well-trained employees would be far better value than dozens of visits to test houses.

Does this sound interesting? METECC can provide LVD training uniquely tailored to your specific product.

After the training, mentoring will ensure that your engineer is never alone.


And finally, not all LVD issues are this obvious!

Homemade Immersion Heater

Homemade immersion heater complete with built-in cut-out.

Creative Fuse

Fast blow or time delay fuse?

Safe Working Practice

Safe Working Practice?

We're NOT suggesting that your company has this approach to safety and LVD issues,
but have you read and fully assimilated the impact of the Low Voltage Directive upon your products?

Let METECC help you with LVD.

Contact us for more information.


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