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Europe gets tough

METECC have over the years, been heavily involved in investigative work concerning the EMC ramifications of Led Lighting. Our data has featured in many publications such as UKQRM and EMCIA. A presentation of our data to the European Commission was also instrumental in the 4th joint cross-border EMC market surveillance campaign. (Click here to see the full report.)

UK gets tough

PLT (Power Line Telecommunications) is also an increasing concern (see newspaper article here), and, the results of very interesting research by Keith Armstrong and Tim Williams are shared in Greedy PLT.

Are you compliant?

We are often asked Just what are they doing about non-compliant products?”

Well, check out the weekly compliance reports here.

RAPEX is the EU rapid alert system for all dangerous consumer products, with the exception of food, pharmaceutical and medical devices.

It allows for the rapid exchange of information between Member States via central contact points and the Commission of measures taken to prevent or restrict the marketing or use of products posing a serious risk to the health and safety of consumers.

Every Friday, the Commission publishes a weekly overview which gives you all information on the product, the possible danger and the measures that were taken by the reporting country.

Judge for yourselves!

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METECC offers EMC testing,
consultancy and training.

We can guide you through the minefield and help you on the road to compliance
- contact us for full details.

The current European EMC Directive forces companies to change their approach to EMC testing. This Directive was born out of the SLIM initiative (Simplification of Legislation for the Internal Market), the intention being to reduce the administrative burden, and hence cost, on companies attempting to steer their products through the CE minefield. Click here to view and download the European Commission Guide to the new EMC Directive.

The Directive saw the role of competent bodies change radically. Emphasis on “Full Compliance Testing” faded away and more responsibility now rests on the manufacturers' self-certification process. (see clause 3.2 of the guideline, pages 25-26). This self-certification process benefits from its integration into a company's quality system, in a similar way to that advocated by the RED (Radio Equipment Directive, what was R&TTE) directive in Annex IV, module H. Inevitably this means that companies need to control their EMC documentation much more rigorously.

Critically, companies must now create and maintain a comprehensive structured Technical File detailing every product they make including EMC test data. METECC can help you reduce this load with our expert consultants working with you to reduce the risk of non-compliance.
For details of EU requirements for certification see this document (pdf),

After more than twenty years' EMC testing and heavy involvement in the RED legislative process, including the writing of European Standards for testing, METECC can provide a full-service for your EMC needs.


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