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GBE Designs

GBE Designs

GBE Designs is an electronic product design and manufacturing company based in West Sussex.

With 20 years experience in manufacturing and designing electronic products, particularly in the communications, health care and industrial sectors, GBE recognises the importance of including EMC testing as an essential part of any product design or re-design cycle.

Leaving EMC and LVD considerations to the end of a project often leads to the necessity for costly redesign and this invariably leads to delays in launching new products onto the market.

With a full manufacturing facility, GBE is able to build and modify prototypes which enables designs to be modified for pre-compliance testing.

Working alongside METECC, we can also help prepare essential technical files that enable our clients to provide a Declaration of Conformance for their products.

GBE is also able to offer ongoing production with all work carried out to their ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System.

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